LA PARE is a unique, exclusive Professional Butler house management company. We also offer staff recruitment services, specialise in Hospitality and executive domestic staff placement for private households.

Beside training and staff upgrade we  offer staff recruitment services!  We specialise in Hospitality and Executive Domestic Staff placement for private households.

We search and recruit candidates with high levels of experience to whom we give additional international standard training . We give personalised training to fit special needs of our clients. There are a variety of different staffing agencies available in Nigeria . Not all these agencies operate at high standards , have a network of competent household staff. 

The advantage of going through us is : every candidate has references , International standard training and experience. Our extensive database and connections allow us to provide quality applicants in the shortest time possible.                                                                                        

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The role of the House Manager and Butler has changed dramatically over the many years we have been placing them.. The Household Manager is often a multi-talented, hands-on individual, who is computer literate, multi-lingual and able to travel with clients, run multiple homes or a portfolio of properties. 

LaPARE household managers are well organized, detailed-oriented, and able to multi-task. They are tech-savvy, resourceful, and have strong management and communication skills. Household managers/ Butlers  coordinate the smooth operation of your household, anticipating and managing daily family challenges. Hiring a household manager or upgrading your Domestic staff with us  insures you of absolutely peace of mind.

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53 TY Danjuma Street, Asokoro, Abuja, Nigeria

Tel: 0809 999 8707

We give you absolute peace of mind that your privacy is protected. While your domestic needs are being met, you will have the freedom to concentrate on your work or social responsibilities, safe in the knowledge that your interests are taken care of.

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