About LaPare

When it comes to Hospitality, Our philosophy is simple: We want your staff to give excellent service effortlessly. We specialised in Sourcing, Training, Placing Professional Hospitality and Executive Domestic Staff.

Our Mission

Our mission is to exceed our customer’s expectations for every facet of the project.

Our Values

As a company  and Hospitality Connoisseur, we value honesty, integrity, and transparency. We are committed to giving our clients satisfaction

Our Philosophy

 We start with observing and assessing your specific training requirements. Our instruction and curriculum experts then design programs to meet those needs. The key to our success? Our designers and developers are also our trainers. They know the material inside out and once it’s deployed in the classroom or online, they’re the ones who modify and tweak it in response to your employees’ feedback and needs.

We spend a whole day at your Hotel/Business/Household, identifying key people, interviewing managers, surveying employees, and talking with you about your vision and  training needs. We want to understand your strategic goals, gauge your HR challenges, identify skill gaps, and find out what’s holding your Team/business  back from giving excellent service..

Training and Curriculum Development

This is where we really shine – in developing training specific to your needs. We use an approach that respects the availability and learning styles of your employees, allowing them to pick and choose activities and modules that work for them while still delivering the learning they want and need. This can include, but is not limited to, self-assessment surveys with personal feedback, listening to podcasts, watching and responding to video-based instruction, attending in-class lectures and workshops, and engaging in business simulation  and role-playing, coming to your Business/Household for an accelerated tailored training.

Approval and Implementation

Once we have your training developed, we’ll give you an opportunity to check  it before implementing it with your staff. When your feedback is incorporated, we’ll establish a schedule for rolling out the training and set benchmarks for completion. Then, let the training begin!


Every training package we design includes an evaluation component. Not only do we evaluate your employees’ learning through testing and one-to-one assessment, we ask you and your staff to evaluate us: Did the training meet your expectations? Did it solve a specific problem or problems? What could we do better next time? We follow up with the trainees to make sure they implement what they have learned 

For well over a decade, we have been organizing bespoke corporate and private events, ranging from intimate, subtle and refined events to creative unforgettable events.

We specialize in organizing conferences, exhibitions consults with our creative media specialists regarding the marketing, branding and communication during your event.

LaPare also offers unique exclusive hospitality training and management for organizations and households.
We are proud to be the finest and most innovative house hold training and staff management
International organisations, Embassies, Business, individuals turn to us for staff training, staff upgrade, customer service upgraded, staff recruitment as well as for our highly specialized consulting services.

La Pare Butlers and domestic staff Is a trusted and respected source of private household staff. The domestic recruitment team searches for candidates with a high level of experience, professionalism, attitude and personality to match your requirements and fill your vacancy.

Meet the CEO

Miss Awa Pare is a renowned industry professional  in the world of luxury services.    

Miss Pare prestigious career includes her prominent position as a first class hostess , trainer and business manager in Africa and the middle east, she is highly sought after as a hospitality specialist, her culinary, service skills, business etiquette and protocol connoisseur are highly appreciated. She is recognized for sensitively guiding her staff and team with her superior attention to details. To gain valuable experience she offered outstanding services to world famous business men and organisations. She passionately shares her knowledge with others who shares the passion of 5 star services.

Our Training Location

53 TY Danjuma Street, Asokoro, Abuja, Nigeria

Tel: 0809 999 8707

We give you absolute peace of mind that your privacy is protected. While your domestic needs are being met, you will have the freedom to concentrate on your work or social responsibilities, safe in the knowledge that your interests are taken care of.



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