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We offer to upgrade your Domestic Staff. We start with observing and assessing your specific needs and requirements. Our instruction and curriculum experts then design programs to meet those needs. The key to our success? All programs are designed and tailored for specific needs, profiles and feedback. Our ultimate goal is to help develop skills, motivation and professionalism for effortless excellent service.

Our Training Programs

Our programs are backed up by notes, books and videos which are formulated by international experts.

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Hospitality Etiquette


Powerful Finishing Techniques

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Powerful Finishing Techniques

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We’ve put together a Hospitality and domestic staff training program covering concepts and techniques that you can use to improve your hospitality workers’ knowledge and skills. These courses are designed to prepare your workers for challenges that they’ll face while working in the hospitality industry.

HOSPITALITY ETIQUETTE, EXCELLENT SERVICE, PROTOCOL, CUSTOMER SERVICE, GUEST EXPERIENCES MASTERCLASS . As hospitality professionals, it’s your goal to provide guests with the best experience possible. But you might be asking
yourself, what makes a great customer experience and how can I deliver this to my guests moving forward? Lapare course on Guest Experience can help you answer these questions. As you move through the lessons, you’ll gain insight into topics like breaking the ice, creating a welcoming atmosphere, personalizing guest experiences, PROFESSIONAL LANGUAGE -PERSONAL BRANDING – PROFESSIONAL POLISH- STANDARD PROCEDURES PROFESSIONAL GROOMING – Guest Service in Hospitality As professionals in the field of hospitality, a huge part of your job entails communicating with your principal and different types of customers or guests every day. Because of this, it’s important to keep your customer service skills polished so that you’re always ready to serve guests in any situation. This course allows you to go back to the basics and brush up on your communication and customer service skills. As you go through the training, you’ll understand the importance of good service and etiquette in the Hospitality industry, learn the proper ways to greet your guests for a great first impression, and know the steps you can take in order to handle customers and guest complaints. HOUSE MANAGEMENT – HOTEL AND EXECUTIVE DOMESTIC HOUSEKEEPING – POWERFUL FINISHING TECHNIQUES- EVENTING– TABLE SERVICE MANAGEMENT- HOUSE ZONING AND PROGRAMING .TECHNICAL SKILLS. 

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the housekeeping department is the backbone of any hotel and executive Household. Guests have high expectations when visiting or staying in a hotel and the housekeeping staff play a crucial role in meeting these expectations by keeping guest areas clean and organized. Through housekeeping inspection methods, staff can make sure that no spot is missed during cleaning and preparation. This is the most exciting and interactive training program. You will enjoy every session and learn an abundance of new skills. You can apply these wonderful and professional skills in any working environment, however especially when returning to the hospitality industry. If you already work in the hospitality field or you would like to explore the wonderful world of Service in Hospitality.

Our programs are baked up by notes, books, and videos which are formulated by international experts. Final evaluations and certificates are provided at the compilation of course.

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We give you absolute peace of mind that your privacy is protected. While your domestic needs are being met, you will have the freedom to concentrate on your work or social responsibilities, safe in the knowledge that your interests are taken care of.

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